The global network of ice technicians is a valuable tool to any ice maker.  Once a relationship has been established, a web is created.  This connection allows for quick problem solving with a simple phone call and/or email.  The easier it is for us to help you, the faster we can fix any problem you may be having.

Equipment Sales

Not only do we provide world class services to your facilities, but we can also provide you with all the necessary equipment to maintain a championship calibre ice surface.  Contact us regarding any equipment needs within your facility. 

Services & Contracted Maintenance

At smartice we provide a wide variety of services.  Our technicians are qualified and experienced with ice installs in both hockey and curling settings, as well as mesh or paint logos, and water treatment systems.  We offer full or partial installs, logo installations, and any other install related service. We paint with only world class products supplied by Jet Ice.  jet ice products are used in more facilities worldwide than all other competitive brands combined.  We also provide custom rink builds. No idea is too over the top, we can put a sheet of ice in places you wouldn't imagine. Contact us for more information on any of your installation & custom ice build needs. 

We also offer seasonally contracted services to curling clubs, and skating rinks through BC.  Contact us if you would be interested in our seasonal contract services.

Services ​| Equipment


At Smartice we provide quality ice consulting services to any facility that may be having issues with their ice surface.  If we can't help you get to the root of the problem through traditional means of communication, we will arrange a formal visit to resolve the issue.  We will also implement any changes we deem necessary to prevent the problem from returning. 



Why wait? Contact us about improving your ice conditions today.